About the Art

Yarns & Noble is the work of Geofrey Redd.

I create these unique pieces using hundreds (thousands for larger pieces) of hand-hammered nails and numerous skeins of yarn. The yarn is my favorite part because it's very free-flowing, and most of the time, even I am surprised at how rad they turn out.

The idea for yarn and nail art came to me when I was brainstorming ideas for a project in graphic design school. I wanted to take an art form I did as a kid (string art) and upgrade it to something more refined and interesting. And so, Yarns & Noble was born. My first pieces are almost unrecognizable compared to my art now, and I hope to keep challenging myself to hone my craft even further. 

About the Artist

Born and raised in Waynesboro, Georgia, I left home at 18 to see the world. I served as a corpsman in the Navy, providing medical care to those in and out of the line of duty in Iraq, Australia, Japan and the Phillipines. 

After my career with the military, I attended the Art Institute of San Diego where I received my Bachelor of Arts in graphic design. I spent many years in America's Finest City, breaking into the art scene there and showing my work in numerous coffee shops, bars and galleries. 

In 2015, I moved to Seattle for a fresh start in a new art scene and career in cooking. Since then, I have been enjoying exploring this beautiful city and drawing inspiration from all that it has to offer.